Flying With International Pilots

The present regulations of the US government allow pilots who have a certification from an ICAO nation to fly in the United States in N-registered aircraft. In order to do that a pilot has to apply for a FAA Validation based on a license issued by a foreign country. Tradewind can support this application process since it has become a routine to host pilots who acquire flight time (time building).

For flight training, for instance to obtain a FAA Private Pilot Certificate, an Instrument or a Multi Engine Rating, TSA (Terminal Security Administration) requires a security clearance based on a background check with fingerprinting. TSA offers this in New Bern, or it can be done in Europe at selected locations. The TSA clearance has to be presented at the time of an FAA check ride.

For international student pilots who want to receive a FAA certification or rating it is recommended to apply for a B1/B2 visa. Tradewind has a long experience in offering an excellent product and efficient service for international pilots and student pilots.

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