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Collaboration with HORIZON Swiss Flight Academy

For many years both Tradewind and HORIZON of Switzerland enjoy a successful collaboration: under their professional flight training program HORIZON students come to Tradewind in order to build flight time. Based on the JAA Private Pilot License the pilots get a FAA Validation. After an introduction phase the Swiss pilots become familiar with the US airspace system and are competent to manage the English radio communication in any airspace. At this point pilots are released for solo cross country flights all over the United States. Destinations along the East Coast and in Florida are favorites, but also airports in the mountains of North Carolina are attractive. During a period of 1-3 months the Swiss pilots gain an outstanding experience that they never forget and that intensively contributes to their education and training towards the aspired airline pilot career.

Tradewind and our partner HORIZON have been receiving a positive feedback from our pilots without exception. This encourages both of us to strengthen our collaboration.

HORIZON, in collaboration with Tradewind, offers a new program under PPL FLEX. This program includes ab-initio training for Swiss students who will train for the FAA Private Pilot Certificate in New Bern, adding flight time and experience before the pilots return to HORIZON in order to convert the FAA certificate into a JAR EASA license, continuing their professional training in Switzerland.

HORIZON is closely connected to HELVETIC AIRWAYS, a prosperously growing Swiss air carrier, flying charter flights and operating for Swiss International Airlines. HELVETIC AIRWAYS operates Fokker 100 and Airbus 320 aircraft. HORIZON ATP graduates may obtain opportunities to fly for HELVETIC AIRWAYS. Tradewind is proud to be part of this professional and successful training program for young people to become an airline pilot. They all remember the great time they could spend with Tradewind in New Bern during their early training.

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NEW: Collaboration with Volar En USA

This is a Spanish flight training organisation, specialized in flight training in the USA and flight time building for Europeans with a JAA licence. Rates are very competitive, and full assistance to the pilot is being provided.

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