Tradewind AeroClub

The TAC is a group of pilots and student pilots (called members) to be registered with Tradewind Aviation International LLC (TAI), based at Coastal Carolina Regional Airport in New Bern, NC. The TAC offers special conditions for services rendered by TAI. This enables the members to rent and fly well-maintained aircraft for a discounted rate, and to receive instruction.

In order to execute the privileges of a club member the following conditions have to be met (excerpt):

  • Each member of the TAC has to be a certified pilot or a student pilot.
  • The Initiation Fee to become a club member is $75.00. This amount is non-refundable.
  • The TAC assesses a membership security deposit of $240.00 per club member. This amount is refundable at the time of leaving the TAC, providing no claim is pending (e.g. outstanding monthly dues).
  • The monthly dues are $40.00 (not pro-rated). Payment is due before the first of the month by cash, check or Visa/MasterCard, payable to TAI. The minimum membership time is twelve (12) months. TAC reserves the right to reject the application without giving reasons. A finance charge and the immediate suspension of privileges are assessed for late payments.
  • After the expiration of the minimum membership period of twelve (12) months the member has a period of notice of one (1) full calendar month. Notice has to be submitted in writing, addressed to TAI management. The TAC reserves the right to terminate a membership with immediate effect and without giving reasons. In this case monthly dues paid in full for the following month(s) will be reimbursed and the deposit will be refunded provided no claim is pending.
  • A member may be placed in suspended status by the management of TAI, and is thereby temporarily denied all privileges of membership. The suspension and its length will be determined by the TAI management. In particular, a membership may be suspended when a pilot is deployed by the military.
  • The following aircraft are available to TAC members, however, without scheduling priorities over regular rental or instruction for non-TAC members or regular TAI customers. The aircraft rates apply for both rental and flight instruction (dual and solo):
Cessna C-150 N66728Rate: $64/h*(regular $69/h)
Cessna C-150 N11396Rate: $64/h*(regular $69/h)
Cessna 172 N733HHRate: $75/h*(regular $79/h)
Cessna 172 N733UFRate: $75/h*(regular $79/h)
Cessna 172 N20364Rate: $75/h*(regular $79/h)
Piper ArcherN9115QRate: $85/h*(regular $89/h)
Piper PA Seminole N30521Rate: $160/h*(regular $170/h)
Piper ArrowN6295NRate: $125/h*(regular $128/h)

{The Piper Arrow is not part of the AeroClub program}

*    Engine running time dry (excluding fuel, including oil), plus applicable taxes on dry rates.
Rental rates and conditions may be changed without notice.

  • “Specials”, Block Time, Packages, simulator use, instruction and any other services or sales products of Tradewind are not subject to discounts for TAC members.

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