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Introductory Flights

Project Pilot

Project Pilot, formerly known as BE A PILOT, is a program sponsored by AOPA (Aircraft Owners and Pilot Association). The program provides comprehensive information and resources for prospective pilots.

The website of Project Pilot has a search engine for flight schools and offers Intro Flight Certificates.

Tradewind Aviation is a partner organization of Project Pilot and BE-A-PILOT. Based on this participation Tradewind accepts the enrollment from Project Pilot and also provides its own Introductory Flights of 30 minutes or one hour for very low cost.

The prospective pilot flies together with an experienced flight instructor, and can taxi, take off and fly and be in control of the airplane during this first flight. The instructor provides fascinating and helpful information about the airplane, basics of flight, communication and landing. It is a great experience for everyone who has interest in aviation. Those first flights often motivate to become a pilot, either for leisure or later as a profession.

Take advantage of this exciting offer and fly with us!

Scenic Rides

Tradewind offers Scenic Rides to enjoy the beautiful landscape around New Bern.

Just tell the pilot where you want to go: over the Trent and Neuse River, the City of New Bern, the Light Houses, the Atlantic coast, or you want to take a picture from your house.

You can also try to fly the airplane yourself – it’s easy and fun!

The half hour flight will take you over New Bern, the Trent and Neuse River.

Our Scenic Rides are operated in a high wing Cessna 172.

  • 30 minutes for 1 to 3 passengers*           $80
  • 1 hour for 1 to 3 passengers*                    $150      *weight limits apply

All flights can be arranged for any time, day or night, 7 days a week, weather permitted. Please call or visit us!

We also issue Gift Certificates. Surprise your family and friends.


Contract Flying

Tradewind Aviation International provides commercial flights for individuals, private entities and governmental agencies on a regular basis and for various objectives.

During the past years Tradewind has executed a number of large and small contracts, conducted flights for observation, aerial assessments, photographic recording, relay services, etc., and has provided experts of different disciplines an efficient and safe flying platform in order to execute their missions.

For further information and job references please contact us

We look forward flying for you!

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